Calling for a New Wave of Godly Men

I’m calling for a new wave of Godly men.

If there is one thing that I am passionate about in society today, it is the re-emergence of Christ-like men on the Western stage. I am grieved by the West’s current marketing strategy, which, summed up succinctly is women=winners, men=whiners. Stated more bluntly: there is a hell-birthed strategy—a demonic strategy—to suppress godly men and put the losers, whore-mongers, and idiots front and center.

While I hate the bleak portrayal of masculinity, I would be mistaken to chock it all up to angry feminism. Men are vanishing from the scene when the world needed them most.

So, There are still things worth fighting for, men. Do you want to destroy that stereotype of the aloof, wayward Neanderthal? I sure do. Let’s start at home.

Women Matter.

If there is one thing that the feminine movement is begging men to profess, it is this: women matter. Equal pay campaigns, women’s rights, militant women’s marches: all of these are clarion calls to the male species to see women as more. While I don’t always like the methods, I can get behind that message. It absolutely pleases me to say that it does not violate my conscience or Biblical mandate to value the fearfully and wonderfully made woman.  

Guys, we have regrettably become the image of sexual misconduct. Women tire of being objectified. Jesus agrees and calls it an egregious sin: “But I say to you that everyone who looks at a woman with lustful intent has already committed adultery with her in his heart.” (Matthew 5:28) Tell your wife that her heart and soul are inexplicably precious to you and the God Who created her. Show her by pampering her and serving her.

Men Matter.

Friends, manhood is not over. It is not a bygone era. Why? That was never our sovereign God’s intention! I won’t allow my sons to be force-fed the message that they don’t matter. There are beautiful and unique strengths in men and women, such that God could not help but bind them together. Women, if men have ever ruined your life, please understand: they don’t speak for those of us who pray and weep unseen for our families in the night. They don’t speak for those of us who crawl to the finish line of each week to put food on the table for our children. They don’t speak for those of us who waited and endured, and championed purity until we gained the treasure of our wives’ hand in marriage.

Marriage Matters.

Husbands need to spend more time investing in their marriages than they do on their careers. Men have gained the indelible stereotype of career abuse—whether the workaholic visage, or the lazy bum who needs a job. Where’s the middle ground? I would love to see a new trend that defines Christian men in this new century. These are men who are passionate about building their home lives as Godly ambassadors. They lack nothing because the Kingdom is their first ambition—“all these things” are added unto them—without having to neglect their families. In summary: love God by loving your family; see how God responds to your needs as a result of keeping your priorities in order.

Men, your marriage matters. It is not an add-on or trophy case. It is an organic and spiritual institution activated by the hand of God that lives and breathes.

Your marriage will die if you forsake it; it will thrive if you nurture it.

Are you ready for a new wave of Godly men?





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    • Thanks so much, Justin! I appreciate your feedback, and I’m glad it blessed you!

  1. You have to be filled with the Holy Spirit! Very good lessons.

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